Green electricity aggregator

picto-agregateurHYDROPTION repurchases green electricity produced by power plants that are no longer under a Purchase Obligation and that sell directly on the wholesale market. Our company is interested in electricity produced by all types of renewable technologies: hydroelectricity, wind and solar. The downstream integration through our activity as a supplier to SMEs allows us to offer very competitive repurchase prices.

HYDROPTION is also positioned as an aggregator of new projects under additional remuneration by guaranteeing the M0 of the subsidiary.

Our power buyback offers


 For OA power plants that sell on the wholesale electricity market:

Our fixed-price power purchase agreements can be entered into for periods ranging from 1 to 5 years. No production commitments are required from producers. You are paid monthly, within two weeks, after the delivery of your electricity. The market expertise of its employees allows HYDROPTION to be its own Balance Responsible Entity by carefully managing its risk.

Our fixed prices are more competitive than our competitors:

  • As a supplier to more than 800 SMEs, your electricity will be sure to be consumed and you will be sure to get paid!
  • Our direct access to the EPEX and EEX exchanges reduces execution costs and allows you to work your sale order as close as possible to the market price.

Finally, we can add a “Market Price Guarantee” to our offer. We then propose that you ensure the long-term income of your production sites. This offer functions as an insurance and protects your future production against a possible price decrease. Our “Market Price Guarantees” make it possible to establish an optimal selling price for the years following your buy-back contract.

4 énergies

For power plants in addition to remuneration, we guarantee the M0 of your subsidiary:


  • No production commitment or forecast;
  • Supply of production aids possible;
  • All costs are included in our competitive risk premium, no additional cost;
  • Alert the day before negative price;
  • Taking your point into account in our balance perimeter;
  • Monthly payment to M+2 (once known the M0);
  • No bank guarantee: your production is consumed by our consumer customers, no risk.

Why commiting with HYDROPTION ?

1 Sell your electricity at the best fixed price

2 No production commitment required

3 Sell over periods of 1 to 5 years

4 No intermediary: HYDROPTION is the buyer and the RE

5 Working with a 100% renewable actor

Hydroption buys and sells green electricity and offers market risk hedging solutions for electricity buyers and producers.