Energy management

Energy ManagementElectricity prices vary daily in the markets. For a producer or consumer, the decision to set a price is difficult and sometimes frustrating. By spreading buying or selling decisions over time, Energy Management makes it possible to take advantage of market opportunities and protect against possible adverse fluctuations.

Our Energy Management offer

“The volatility of energy prices implies risks on the forward purchase costs of the raw material used and, ultimately, uncertainties on the contractual decisions taken. To minimize these risks and provide greater visibility, there are hedging mechanisms (financial instruments) that are backed by contracts […]”

Translated passage from Olivier Labarre’s article, Comprendre l’Energy Portfolio Management… Zoom sur les contrats et les couvertures.


Do you have an exposure of more than 25 GWh?

Together, we define a customized hedging strategy for the electricity market. To do this, HYDROPTION offers you different formulas in Energy Management :

  • Mix Futures/Spot ;
  • Volume/Price/Time Matrices ;
  • Buy/Sell level ;
  • Other customized analysis.

Contact our advisers to learn more and take advantage of the best optimization techniques.

Why commiting with HYDROPTION ?

1 Having a customized support

2 Benefit from the advice of a professional from the electricity exchange

3 Buy or sell your electricity at the best price


Hydroption buys and sells green electricity and offers market risk hedging solutions for electricity buyers and producers.