The company

HYDROPTION aims to federate renewable energy producers in order to market their electricity to SMEs and SMIs.

Our values


A company on a human scale, HYDROPTION attaches great importance to the proximity and satisfaction of its customers.


Banks, insurance, Internet, telephony,… we are nowadays invaded by a flow of information and documents. In order to avoid being added to this list, HYDROPTION is committed to being as simple and concise as possible, both in its commercial approach and in the management of customer relations.


Today, many renewable energy producers and electricity consumers are being neglected by current players who offer them standardised offers, without really caring about their needs. One of the main advantages of working with HYDROPTION is that you can benefit from personalized support, regardless of the size of your company.

Responsible commitment

By sourcing from renewable energy producers (mainly from hydro and wind power), HYDROPTION works for the energy transition and is thus committed to protecting our planet.

Our authorizations and accreditations

Logo EEX - European Energy ExchangeHYDROPTION is a member of the European Energy Exchange (EEX)  on the French market.

logo EPEX SPOT rectangleHYDROPTION is a member of the European Power Exchange (EPEX SPOT) on the French market.

Logo RTE - Réseau de l'Intelligence ElectriqueHYDROPTION is Balance Responsible Entity at Réseau de Transport d’Électricité (RTE).

HYDROPTION is Balance Responsible Entity at ENEDIS.

logo MINISTERE ENERGIEHYDROPTION is authorised by the Ministry of Energy to carry out the activity of purchasing electricity for resale to final customers and network operators for their losses.

HYDROPTION aims to federate renewable energy producers in order to market their electricity to SMEs and SMIs.

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Hydroption buys and sells green electricity and offers market risk hedging solutions for electricity buyers and producers.