HYDROPTION, Winner of the 2015 Réseau Entreprendre !

HYDROPTION, through its President Michel de Keréver, was elected 2015 Laureate of Réseau Entreprendre Var.

For the past 5 years, Réseau Entreprendre has contributed in France to the creation of more than 30,000 jobs through the success of more than 4,000 creators or buyers, all accompanied by experienced business leaders. HYDROPTION is honoured to be able to be associated with the success of such a network by being the 2015 Laureate for the Var department.


The HYDROPTION project

HYDROPTION was founded in October 2014 in Toulon under the impetus of Michel de Keréver, an inventive entrepreneur and expert in the energy market.

From the start, the company’s ambition has been to federate renewable energy producers in order to market their electricity to SMEs, SMIs and local authorities via the Électricité de Provence brand. Today, the company also offers a wide range of financial services to electricity producers and consumers: options against price fluctuations, access to the electricity exchange, RE with RTE or ERDF, Energy Management, etc.

Company Founder

Michel de KéreverMichel de Keréver, ENSTA engineer, Master 2 La Sorbonne, optimized the production of players such as Poweo Direct Energie, RWE and EON with useful and complex financial products. He had long wanted to create his company by providing access to cutting-edge optimization techniques to smaller players in the electricity industry, producers and consumers.

The company’s values

  • Proximity : A company on a human scale, HYDROPTION attaches great importance to the proximity and satisfaction of its customers. By launching its subsidiary Électricité de Provence, the company is anchoring itself in the local landscape by becoming the only electricity supplier based in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
  • Simplicity : Banks, insurance, Internet, telephony,… we are nowadays invaded by a flow of information and documents. In order to avoid being added to this list, HYDROPTION is committed to being as simple and concise as possible, both in its commercial approach and in the management of customer relations.
  • Support : Today, many renewable energy producers and SMEs are being neglected by current players who offer them standardised offers, without really caring about their needs. One of the main advantages of working with HYDROPTION is that you can benefit from personalized support, regardless of the size of your company.
  • Responsible commitment : By sourcing from renewable energy producers (mainly from hydro and wind power), HYDROPTION works for the energy transition and is thus committed to protecting our planet.

The mission of Réseau Entreprendre

reseau-entreprendre-varRéseau Entreprendre federates local associations of business leaders concerned with contributing to the success of entrepreneurs with a project to create or take over SMEs that significantly create jobs and wealth in their territory.

The three main areas of development :

  • Mobilize business leaders in their region to advise, guide and support SME creators and buyers.
  • Help entrepreneurs succeed by offering them support from an experienced entrepreneur, by allowing exchanges and mutual assistance with other entrepreneurs, by facilitating access to banks or by promoting the integration of the winners into the economic fabric.
  • Provide financial support to the Winners by granting them a prêt d’honneur.


The French network in a few numbers

In 2015, Réseau Entreprendre it’s :

  • 978 new winners who initiate  730 growing enterprises.
  • 21 million euros loaned. On average, 30.1 K€ per project.
  • 90.000 volunteering hours delivered by the 5.600 members of Réseau Entreprendre.

The performance of the support

  • 92% of the companies supported are still in business after 3 years* (national average: 76%).
  • 12,7 jobs created on average over 5 years by each supported company.

* Calculated on the last 5 promotions concerned

Economic impact of support

  • 9.500 winners supported towards the success of their projects since the creation of Réseau Entreprendre.
  • In 5 years : 30.000 jobs created ou safeguarded et 4.000 winners.


Information and contacts :

3 rue Racine
83000 TOULON
Phone : 04 98 51 00 31
Fax : 09 59 46 81 05

Réseau Entreprendre Var
Maison des Technologies Place Georges Pompidou
83000 TOULON
Phone : 04 94 03 89 24
Fax : 04 94 03 89 14

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