HYDROPTION enters the Board of Advisors of ELEMENTS

A start-up with high potential

HYDROPTION, through its President Michel de Keréver, is now a member of the Elements Steering Committee, a start-up company specialising in the production of green electricity. This young company has a multi-channel approach to renewable energies (wind, PV, hydro). It has the cross-functional business skills (develop, build and operate) and innovates with local electron consumption solutions.

Solution of the present for the energies of the future

Renewable energies provide an answer to the challenges of global warming and the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels. They thus have significant development potential, as they will gradually replace carbon-emitting energies.

Eléments is committed to a strong development approach in the coming years, in line with the French government’s objectives in this area: drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy savings and a significant increase in the share of renewable energies.

Eléments aims to provide decarbonated and competitive electricity, i.e. close to grid parity.


Find more informations on their website www.elements.green !

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