Strategic partnership between HYDROPTION and UNITe


HYDROPTION is pleased to announce the entry of the renewable electricity producer UNITe into its capital. With the financial support of this partner and its historical presence in the territories, HYDROPTION is thus developing its reputation and refining its offer within the community of autonomous renewable producers, hoping to involve others soon in its project.

A few words about the two companies:


HYDROPTION SAS is a market platform for electricity producers and consumers in France. HYDROPTION offers innovative solutions tailored to its clients, including financial hedging solutions against market risks. HYDROPTION gives its customers access to the latest market optimization techniques.

uniteUNITe is a French renewable energy producer. A family-owned SME, UNITe owns 24 microhydropower plants. With 30 years of experience and taking into account the evolution of the producer’s business and the new risks involved, UNITe has decided to support HYDROPTION’s market activity and guarantee products.

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